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GBR Fencer Photoshoot

GBR_Fencer-6 by Joseph Thompson.

One sport that I wanted to photograph is Fencing. Fencing photography is something that I can be very creative and artistic with and allow me to play with lighting in the studio. I contacted the head office of British Fencing who then, after a lot of convincing, put me in contact with one of the training grounds in North London that some of the GBR and Northern Ireland team train at. I called them and asked them if any of their fencers would be happy to do a photoshoot with me in North Greenwich. One of their fencers called Niall Dowse lives 30 minutes away and said that he would be happy to do so, as long as he can use the images himself.

For the photoshoot I used 2 Elinchrom 600 heads, 2 strip soft boxes, 2 black poly boards. The camera I used was a Canon 5DMkIII. I have uploaded a lighting diagram that I used for the shoot. I didn’t use a backdrop for the shoot, I brought the model to the middle of the room and lit him so that the background wasn’t visible. I used a fast shutter speed so that I could capture him whilst lunging and jumping.

These are my favourite photos from the shoot. The first one is full length but the others concentrate more on the body and the shape and movement of the fencer. Niall did a really great job on the shoot and offered a lot of lunges and different moves for the camera.


GBR_Fencer-7 by Joseph Thompson.

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