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Top Tips to stay fit – An interview with Connor Mcquillen (Personal trainer)

Connor McQuillen - Personal trainer

Get the best tips, the best advice and the best body by following these tips from a personal trainer.

From someone who wanted to look good in front of a girl, to a personal trainer. I wanted to find out exactly what he did to make it possible.

I spoke to Connor Mcquillen, a certified personal trainer at Virgin Active to find out how he became the person he is today. One word was constantly mentioned whilst talking to him, and that was “motivation”. To start anywhere you need motivation or else the task will always seem bigger than it really is.

Talking about how he got to where he is now, I asked if he had his own personal trainer in the past. He replied saying he didn’t but envy’s those who did. There were several times where he lost confidence, he had a ‘down moment’ and he needed to pick himself up through this which was sometimes a bit of a challenge. Everyone has an off moment, an illness where they lose focus on the things that they were once motivated to achieve. He talked about his main job as a personal trainer is to motivate people. To pick people back up and focus on the journey ahead rather than the problems that they currently face. When describing how he motivates his clients to pick themselves up, he showed me a message that he sent to him. He was going through a rough phase and contacted Connor because he couldn’t see a way to get back into the routine of fitness.

The text read:

If I was in your position I would feel the same… you haven’t experienced true results yet. The motivation is not quite there. It’s natural. But that’s why we are doing this. Think about it, how far have you come already? Your strength has improved, you’ve lost body fat AND you can still walk up a set of stairs without losing your breath. It’s not about how far you have to go, look at what you have achieved already even with those barriers like the illnesses and work. You’ve achieved incredible steps and that is something you should be proud of! That’s your motivation.” – Connor McQuillen.


connor McQuillen

Connor McQuillen – Personal trainer at Virgin Active

So how can we become motivated, how does he stay motivated?

He uses a personal trainer just like we would. He gets help, just as we should. Using websites to motivate you is free but it takes motivation in itself to look at them, no matter how easy you think it is. As Connor is a personal trainer himself, he understands the importance of persistence and teaches himself that a ‘journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’. This step, if you can motivate yourself to do it is to begin. Look on websites that give you advice. Check out for some great advice to become successful in your physique transformation. Another great website that Connor used and this time it was for the diet side but still has some great fitness tips too was, these websites that he mentions offer great advice to those looking to stay fit or those who want to question the means how. Everyone needs help, everyone wants to inspire, its how you do it that is the question. To get a personal trainer is motivation to stay on track, to go on a website is relying on yourself. The websites mentioned are both by personal trainers that are willing to help and you can contact at any time via their website. Other ways to get engaged without using just one individual is to look at which features articles and tips on workouts, nutrition, supplementation and of course, Motivation!